Potatoes in Minutes at Bodega

July 4, 2017 § Leave a comment

And as I have a walk around, other things sound like they’re ready to fall apart, like the refrigerator rattling only because (perhaps? hope to God?) a pickle jar is jammed against the compressor. I hear scratches and try not to think about what has nested in the walls.

I have a new story, “Potatoes in Minutes,” up at Bodega as part of Issue #59, alongside poetry by Cassie Duggan, Dacota Pratt-Pariseau, and Barbara Tramonte.

Anyone who knows me will see a lot of real life in this story. “Potatoes” was one of two stories I workshopped at last year’s Catapult Online Fiction Workshop taught by Justin Taylor, and I’m pleased that it’s found a good home.

Thanks to Melissa Swantkowski and the editors at Bodega for picking this up.

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