How the World Wears Its Words

July 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last month I attended a dynamic poetry installation constructed by my friend Christopher Janke at our friend Daniel Hales’ house in Greenfield, Massachusetts. “How the World Wears Its Words” deconstructed a single poem written by Janke, titled “Of the of of the of,” and isolated different parts of it at several stations throughout Hales’ yard, on sheets of clear vertical Plexiglas, so that words would align with the scenery on the other side. There were also sheets of large words whose shadows projected up the side of Hales’ white house as the sun set for the evening. Hales also recorded several pieces of music to be listened to at different stations around the yard.

The preposition prominent in the title repeats throughout Janke’s poem, and the positions and arrangement of the installation give physical weight to the relationships of space and time denoted by “of.”

At Coldfront Magazine, Crystal Curry has descriptions, photos, and impressions.


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