The New Yorker’s New Look

September 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

South Hero 104Two weeks in and I’m liking the new design. I like the selective way it was imparted, only in those sections that needed a little breaking up. The Table of Contents had always bugged me with its floating italic names, and while some of the initial web reaction seems to take umbrage with the inclusion of more photography in the About Town section, I think it gives a browser something new and interesting to look at that wasn’t there before. The written descriptions of the artists featured in the galleries around the city only told you so much.

I think the change I like the most is the graphical representation of the title of the short fiction, now integrated with the photographic image on the facing page. It gives the art department a chance to have a little fun, and would seem to solve the problem of awkwardly longish or punctuated titles that didn’t take well to the  magazine’s classic house font (e.g., “The Semplica-Girl Diaries”).

As New York Magazine wryly notes, “Apparently the diaeresis lives on, so readers will be able to comprehend words like “coöperate” and “reëlect” without turning to Google.” I assume the same fate awaits the acute accent in “début” and “élitist.”


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