Suddenly New Books

December 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Film was a running theme throughout Christmas this year, in terms of gift exchange. I got my wife the Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection on Blu-Ray, and she got me Matt Zoller Seitz’s exquisite The Wes Anderson Collection, a hefty full-color ode to the director’s entire oeuvre, with over 300 pages of commentary, interviews, and illustrations, along with scene breakdowns, allusions (there are tons), and influences, and a warm and laudatory introduction by Michael Chabon. This one will take me a while to pore through, and then I’ll want to watch all of the films again.

In addition to a couple of Barnes & Noble gift cards that will need to be put to use, more loot came thanks to Santa’s elves Google-stalking my Amazon Wish List:

The Laughter of Strangers, Michael  J Seidlinger

The Isle of Youth, Laura van den Berg

The Half-Known World, Robert Boswell

Thieves I’ve Known, Tom Kealey


Due to hosting obligations I felt somewhat on edge during much of the run-up to Christmas, and with many a cold night sure to lie ahead, I look forward to cracking into all of these.


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