Baby Elephant Walk in Pithead Chapel

May 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

Utica was halfway between home and Niagara Falls. A five-day trip shortened to four because funds were drying up. Highway signs and trailers with curtains in the windows and buffalos and cacti painted on the sides, license plates from as far away as Saskatchewan. Your parents were able to get a room for a discount rate at the same Best Western you stayed in on the way there, and the pinball machine still showed you as having the second-place high score even though your brother Jason had hit your hand on purpose when you were toggling in your initials so they came out as SAA.

The May issue of Pithead Chapel is live and I’m pleased to have a new story, “Baby Elephant Walk,” a tale of steak houses and summer vacation and brothers and tourist kitsch.

Thanks to editor Keith Rebec and fiction editor Ashley Strosnider.


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