The Gazers at Pine Hills Review

August 19, 2016 § Leave a comment

They were out there, ducking in and out of to show off their pistol wits as artfully as the white-dot VAX graphics allowed. He imagined, from how they strung together eloquent sentences or tucked in extensive literary .sigs, that they were English majors like he was, only they blew off their classes to read Baldwin, Nabokov, and Bertrand Russell in paperbacks with their spines broken. They spun hard-to-find seven-inch vinyl at their campus radio stations. They had outsized personas and carried pocket handkerchiefs and drank whiskey in heavy glasses and dashed off verse on cocktail napkins. They got no joy from rage. They didn’t hook up, they made love.

I’m excited to have a new story, “The Gazers,” at Pine Hills Review today. Set in the mid-1990s at a college campus, it might be the most self-indulgent story I have ever written, as it touches upon pretty much every point of angst that I could remember from my days as a spoiled college brat. I’m grateful to Daniel Nester for publishing it.


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