On Handwriting and Affectation at Literary Hub

May 1, 2023 § Leave a comment

Like Frédérique, my classmate seemed to have a sense of style and grace that the rest of us lacked. You might have thought he had traveled to Europe, or that his parents allowed him a little wine with dinner. His pen was a high-end metal ball-point instrument that rested in the crook of his right hand. He confidently looped his lowercase o’s and didn’t fret about his ascenders reaching the line overhead. Curves where the rest of us made sharp angles. All rules tossed to the street, yet everything connected in a light line and looking like it belonged.

I’m very happy to be making my first appearance at Literary Hub with an essay about handwriting and affectation when you are young, with excerpts from Fleur Jaeggy and Thomas Mann. Thanks to Emily Firetog for giving it a home.


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