Where the Sun Don’t Shine at Atticus Review

February 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

What I really want is a dip but I’m trying to quit. Turns out girls aren’t into guys with flakes of chaw in their teeth. So I gave the rest of my chaw to Donleavy two weeks ago, and he’s still working through the tin, because Donleavy’s a fucking fraud, he only dips when people can see him dipping, just to get them to tell him how disgusting he is. That part of the act gets old pretty quick.

Very excited to have a new story, “Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” up at Atticus Review this week, alongside poetry by Matthew Hamilton and a novel excerpt by Rachel Adams. Many thanks to the editors—Jamie Iredell, Katrina Gray, and Joseph Gross—for making this happen.


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