Barrelhouse Online Fiction Workshop

February 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I took the plunge, threw down $175 that I didn’t really have, and signed up for the 8-week Online Fiction Workshop run by Dave Housley of Barrelhouse.

Consider this my attempt to bridge the gap between my not pursuing an MFA (since I have no desire to teach) and my itch to inject my game with the twin doses of seriousness and perspective that comes with having your work torn apart by other (perhaps more established) merciless (perhaps even spiteful) writers who know they are doing.

Barrelhouse is a fun journal run by cool, down-to-earth people (or so they seem)—in addition to Housley, the masthead includes Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister, known for their always-entertaining Book Fight!/Writers Ask podcasts. I can’t wait to get started.


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